An elegant and powerful spiritual technology to free ourselves from the cage of family, cultural, ancestral and past life programming.
The ReUnion Process gives us the power to rebirth ourselves into living and loving beyond all false illusions.  
In so doing, the ReUnion process restores our mental clarity, emotional freedom and physical vitality, and opens us to a happy and successful life.

Telephone: (770) 668-0969
Mailing Address: 5270 Waterford Drive,
                         Dunwoody, Ga 30338

“I caught myself dancing in the kitchen after a ReUnion session, and realized that I had not danced in months …” - L.E

“The ReUnion Process is a gentle, yet extremely powerful form of healing . . .an amazing vehicle for enabling a person to initiate the resolution of issues, both very old or brand new.” - B.K.

“I never felt like I was fully present. . .The ReUnion work helped me find the real me.  Now I feel like my life has just begun, and I enjoy each day – no matter what it brings.” - A.E.

“The ReUnion Process has a real genius for uncovering the root causes for what’s showing up in your life at any given point in time.  Some things shift almost instantaneously, and other times it is much more subtle, over a longer period of time.  This is such a rich process with impact on many levels – spiritual, mental, physical and emotional.” - M.K