The ReUnion Course for facilitators is offered one weekend each month for 10 months. This cycle of 10 two day sessions, taught by Peter Scupham, gives you complete command of the ReUnion Process so you can apply it both to yourself and to others, either professionally or privately.
There are no prerequisites. Cost is $250 per session, or $2000 if prepaid in full (saving $500).
Join us, and learn how to shine!

Session 1 - How to use muscle testing and hand modes to talk with the 'unconscious'.

Session 2 - How to re-balance and expand your life force and vitality with acupuncture.

Session 3 - How to enter the ancestral and past life gates to clear away past programming.

Session 4 - How to detect and clear the most insidious forms of tribal and ancestral programming.

Session 5 - How to experience the sacred attributes within you.

Session 6 - How to directly experience the presence of Grace.
How to clear your field of unwanted entities.

Session 7 - How to bring out your 'intelligent glory'. How to participate in the cycle of creation...the journey Home.

Session 8 - How to experience the physical manifestation of your visions.

Session 9 - How to heal at a distance and the use of 'power sessions'.

Session 10 - How to develop a living spaciousness and expand your life's mission.

Please call Peter Scupham at 770.668-0969 or email peterscupham@comcast.net to discuss starting times and details of this course.


Every so often, Peter Scupham teaches one or two day workshops on various aspects of the ReUnion Process,
Please contact us for the dates and subjects of these workshops.